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14 G-4, Johar Town, Lahore.

Phone: †††03219441951, 0423-572-0730

Landline: 0423-848-9679



8:00 a:m to 2:00 p:m and 4pm to 7pm

Monday to Friday






         Parental Guidance


         Diagnostic Assessment


         Speech Therapy


         Play Therapy


         Counseling sessions


         Individualized IEPs




         Behavior management


         Workshops for mothers and teachers




         Hyperactive kids



         Slow learners

         Children with learning disability

Slow Learners


LISCA-a Special Educational Institute established to enhance the potential of the children with special needs particularly. This institute is owned and organized by peerless specialized professional staff. It is an organized and methodical program meticulously designed for kids having learning difficulties.

We offer distinctive individual attention to our students through different resource materials. Complete assistance and guidance is provided to parents regarding etiology and intervention of the problem regarding their children.


The greatest challenge for an educator is a slow learner child. These children are not categorized as special kids because they perform well outside the classroom and show no signs of any medical disorder. They simply do not execute reasonably in school. Thus there is a growing need to assist to remediate these children to provide them the best possible opportunities that can help them to adjust with the changing world.


We have a panel of expert doctors for children with neurological problems whereas for emotional and behavioral issues LISCA has arranged competent clinical psychologists. To encourage children with learning difficulties we have highly qualified educationists.


LISCA works in association with APEX and Ijaz Psychiatric Institute.


Average Children


Every child is different in his aptitude therefore our teaching approach is diversified for each child according to his short-comings, capability as well as grade. We believe in gradual boost of knowledge by making a sound academic foundation and developing all fundamental concepts crystal clear.


LISCA particularly emphasizes on basic subjects like Science, Mathematics and English. Besides this we also realize that this importance should not alter our attention from other subjects such as Islamiyat, Urdu and Social Studies. We provide job facilitation and rehabilitation to adolescents with learning difficulties.


Our ambition is to augment an average student advancing progressively in the subjects he is deficient. To improve a studentís knowledge we use both traditional textual as well as activity based work.And for high grade achievers, we support them in achieving better grades consistently. We prepare kids not merely to achieve good marks in exams but they should also be enthusiastic to learn general knowledge. We try to polish their inquisitive nature so that they naturally covet to learn new things instead of being taught forcefully.



English Courses


Nowadays the cutting edge technology has made studies much more challenging and intriguing but to meet this demanding objective, English is the core necessity. We have specialized classes with scrupulously designed course for young students to equip them with grammar, sentence structure as well as vocabulary for exhibiting exalting English writing style to gain them high grades.

Besides young kids we also accommodate pupils from advance classes as F.A, B.A. and M.A specifically for simple English, English Literature and business communication. Whereas for spoken English we cater learners from all walks of life.Our expertise is that we donít teach English in a traditional textual grammar following style we have raised the standard of teaching English to a creative level consequently we teach English following the diverse teaching methodologies. These assorted teaching techniques results in a unique writing manner for the learner that is a need for every individual to acquire an exceptional place within the academic premises in addition it also adds a valuable asset to oneís personality.


Now offers following courses:



         Spoken English for starters (6 months)

         Improving spoken English ††(6 months)

         English Grammar (6 months)

         Eng. Literature for FA, BA,MA

         Simple English for FA, BA. ††(4 months)

         Business Communication for ICS, BBIT, BCS. (5 months)

         Psychology for FA, BA, MA. (4 months)

         Speech Therapy (6 months)

o   Letter pronunciation

o   Sentence fluency (stammering)

o   Phonic recognition

o   Stuttering



Psychological Assessment Service

(LISCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children and their parents to achieve their potential as loving, responsible families. The program provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to children and families whose relationships and personal growth are impaired by emotional and behavioral problems. The LISCA Psychological Assessment Service provides specialized evaluations, or testing, of child and adolescent psychological functioning using standardized psychometric techniques. The clinic provides comprehensive evaluations within the areas of intellectual, academic, neuropsychological, adaptive, and social-emotional functioning.

LISCA's Mission:

To provide quality outpatient mental health, child abuse and substance abuse counseling To empower children and families to achieve their potential To increase community awareness as to the importance of prevention and treatment of mental disorders

LISCA's Vision:

LISCA children and parents achieve their best by fully utilizing their internal and external personal and interpersonal resources

LISCA's Values :

To make a measurable difference in the lives of the children and families served To make each client an active participant in achieving the goals of treatment To seek collaborative partnerships with other social and health agencies

A comprehensive evaluation can address:

The evaluations include comprehensive recommendations for psychiatric treatment planning, educational remediation, educational planning, making of IEPs and home-based interventions.

Scheduling an Appointment and Evaluation Procedures:

Parents, guardians, school officials, mental health providers, pediatricians and other service providers may refer children and adolescents to LISCA for testing. To request an appointment for an evaluation through LISCA, please call 03219441951 and ask for the testing coordinator. Testing takes place in evening from 4pm to 6pm and 3 visits are paid. Assessment include IQ test-verbal and nonverbal which includes learning disabilities test and personality test. Prior to scheduling an appointment, an intake packet is sent to the family, which includes two about the child/adolescent's developmental, medical, social and academic history. Once the forms are completed by the parent/guardian and returned to the clinic, the panel will review that information. We review the information, in addition to any additional reports of previous evaluations and school information in order to help us decide the most appropriate types of assessments that will be conducted.

Overview of Evaluation Procedures:

Parent completes intake packet Assignment to an evaluator for a comprehensive assessment Assessment visits are planned (approximately 3 - 10 hours). Evaluations take approximately 2 weeks to complete Individualized feedback session is conducted with the parent in order to review the results of the evaluation and the proposed recommendations Final written report is sent to the parent School psychologist attends school meetings, when requested

Fees and Payment Policy:

Parents typically pay for the psychological assessment services. There is an established hourly fee. Our policy is to be paid directly by the parent at the time of each session. The testing service administrator will answer questions regarding the current hourly rate. LISCA will accept payment from insurance companies, however, authorization is required for psychological testing. Authorization for psychological testing must be obtained prior to the start of testing. The Director of the LISCA will assist parents in applying for authorization from the state insurance companies. School Districts and other agencies may at times agree to pay for a comprehensive psychological evaluation. The LISCA Psychological Assessment Service requires a formal written letter of referral and payment agreement from such agencies.ASSESSMENT FORM and JOB APPLICATION FORM

Please contact us for information regarding the current hourly rate.

Phone Number: 03219441951, 92425720730