Ijaz Psychiatric Institute (IPI) is located at 14-15 G4 Johar Town, Lahore. It is a 3 stories building with 14 rooms comprising of in-patients facility for 30 patients, OPD services, offices for 4 psychiatric consultants, 2 clinical psychologists, speech therapist, occupational and rehabilitation therapist, two social workers and 2 nurses. The attached pharmacy displays all important psychiatric medicines at discount rates to the deserving patients.

The IPI is run by Board of Directors and is headed by Professor Dr. Ijaz Haider. The teaching faculty comprises of professor of psychiatry, professor of psychology, professor of social work, associate professor of psychiatry, assistant professor of psychiatry, registrar of psychiatry, EEG and neuropsychology consultant, clinical psychologist and a professor of statistics.

IPI has the unique psychiatric facility of teaching and training of General Practitioners and family Physicians. It also facilitates the house job facility for House Officers, Medical Officers and nurses.

IPI has facility of HELP LINE for the patients in the situations of crisis and emergency through electronic and mobile service. The services are handled by trained staff.

All doctors of IPI are encouraged to enroll for postgraduate diploma and apart from working at each specialized unit of Institute for given number of teaching hourssuch as adult psychiatry, child and family psychiatry, adolescent unit, drug abuse unit, special children unit, Day Hospital Care unit, psychogeriatic unit, acute emergency ward, occupational and rehabilitation unit, specialized treatment unit (hypnosis, EST, ECT,etc).

IPI organizes free camp for distressed patients on fridays of where free consultation and medicines are given to the deserving people.

Services Rendered
1. Admission facility with good elighted airconditioned private rooms and a general ward.
2. Admission facility is also avaliable for specilized treatment for severly disturbed cases.
3. Special Education Guidance for slow learners, ADHD and dyslexia(LISCA).
4. EEG facility is avaliable in the evenings.
5. Child psychiatric unit is working since last year and a Day Care Center for children.
6. Exam preparation for DPM, FCPS, Ph.D (psychiatry) and MD(psychiatry).
7. For general public short courses (IPI) in psychology classes are also held and taught by professors expert in their fields.


Types of Alternate Treatments Provided
  • Hypnotherapy,
  • Psychological Testing,Intelligence and personality testing of children
  • Special Education for special children,ADMISSION FORM and Fee Form
  • Residential facility for schizophrenia and drug addiction
  • Neurolinguistic Programmimg,
  • Reiki, Spiritual Therapy,
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy,
  • Career Guidance,
  • Marriage Counselling.
    We specialize in making life easier for the children who run away from their studies. You"re free to contact us by phone, email or face to face in my clinic or if I visit your child's school.
    We also deal with adolescent and their problems, and their upgrowing fantasies of
    Love. It is done by talking therapy, reiki healing, NLP and by changing nutrition that is helpful for mind growth. Enjoy :)


    Why To Choose Ijaz Clinic
    1. Charges are very nominal.
    2. Discount on talking therapy Session.
    3. 25% discount on EEG.
    4. Consultant visits morning and evening.
    5. Free introductory lectures on reiki.
    6. Highest qualified staff.
    7. Psychiatric, Psychological services, Drug Addict rehab and special education center facility avaliable under one roof.


    Psychological Assessment Service

    (LISCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children and their parents to achieve their potential as loving, responsible families. The program provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to children and families whose relationships and personal growth are impaired by emotional and behavioral problemsThe LISCA Psychological Assessment Service provides specialized evaluations, or testing, of child and adolescent psychological functioning using standardized psychometric techniques. The clinic provides comprehensive evaluations within the areas of intellectual, academic, neuropsychological, adaptive, and social-emotional functioning.

      LISCA's Mission:

      To provide quality outpatient mental health, child abuse and substance abuse counseling To empower children and families to achieve their potential To increase community awareness as to the importance of prevention and treatment of mental disorders

      LISCA's Vision:

      LISCA children and parents achieve their best by fully utilizing their internal and external personal and interpersonal resources

      LISCA's Values :

      To make a measurable difference in the lives of the children and families served To make each client an active participant in achieving the goals of treatment To seek collaborative partnerships with other social and health agencies

      A comprehensive evaluation can address:

      • Problems in cognitive development
      • Problems related to developmental delay
      • Problems in academic achievement and learning
      • Problems in neuropsychological functioning
      • Problems with behavioral adjustment or emotional functioning

      The evaluations include comprehensive recommendations for psychiatric treatment planning, educational remediation, educational planning,making of IEPs and home-based interventions.

      Scheduling an Appointment and Evaluation Procedures:

      Parents, guardians, school officials, mental health providers, pediatricians and other service providers may refer children and adolescents to LISCA for testing. To request an appointment for an evaluation through LISCA, please call 03219441951 and ask for the testing coordinator. Prior to scheduling an appointment, an intake packet is sent to the family, which includes two about the child/adolescent's developmental, medical, social and academic history. Once the forms are completed by the parent/guardian and returned to the clinic, the panel will review that information. We review the information, in addition to any additional reports of previous evaluations and school information in order to help us decide the most appropriate types of assessments that will be conducted.

      Overview of Evaluation Procedures:

      Parent completes intake packet Assignment to an evaluator for a comprehensive assessment Assessment visits are planned (approximately 3 - 10 hours). Evaluations take approximately 6 weeks to complete Individualized feedback session is conducted with the parent in order to review the results of the evaluation and the proposed recommendations Final written report is sent to the parent School psychologist attends school meetings, when requested

      Fees and Payment Policy:

      Parents typically pay for the psychological assessment services. There is an established hourly fee. Our policy is to be paid directly by the parent at the time of each session. The testing service administrator will answer questions regarding the current hourly rate. LISCA will accept payment from insurance companies, however, authorization is required for psychological testing. Authorization for psychological testing must be obtained prior to the start of testing. The Director of the LISCA will assist parents in applying for authorization from the state insurance companies. School Districts and other agencies may at times agree to pay for a comprehensive psychological evaluation. The LISCA Psychological Assessment Service requires a formal written letter of referral and payment agreement from such agencies. ASSESSMENT FORM
      Please contact 0425720730 for information regarding the current hourly rate.
      Phone Number: 03219441951, 92425720730