IPI campus is located near saparco pulli hunjar wal, Johar town. The surrounding is very peaceful and relaxing. The canal by its side gives a very refreshing image and ideal state of mind to study. The transport is easy with buses and van coming after each 10 minutes.

IPI has a promising reputation nation wide and at international level.
Our membership will be with the world's great academic institutions, ensures a consistently high standard of teaching and research.
We offer variety of programmes and courses for specialists and lay men.We have very flexible approach in academics with morning and evening classes.
Teaching is through a coherent blend of lectures, group and video discussions, seminars and practical work, with continous guidance and support quality of educationis monitored with persistent feedback from teachers and colleagues.
We inculcate confidence, motivation for the best and sense of competition among our students.Student Union is allowed entertainment within boundaries.
To maintain our high standard, the institute has implemented codes of practice and chalked out the plan for studies.
Study facilities includes institute library and Jinnah Library and internet.


Ijaz Clinic
5- Race Course Road,
Opposite Circuit House, Lahore, - Pakistan.
Phones : 6304923, 5720730 Fax : 7586440
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